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Adult Tonsil Surgery

What are tonsils?
Tonsils are small glands in the throat, one on each side. They help fight off infections in children and is less important as you get older, as the body fights infections without them.


Why take them out?
Tonsils need to be taken out only if they are doing more harm than good. Reasons why tonsils are taken out:
– Recurrent sore throats despite treatments with antibiotics
– Inflamed and causes blockage in the airway
– Abscess formation on the tonsil due to infection (called quinsy)
– Ulceration or bleeding, which could be an indicator of tumor on the tonsil

It will not be necessary to have a tonsillectomy if the problem gets better, or if it can be treated by medications.

How is the operation done?
The tonsils are taken out through the mouth and the bleeding is stopped. This is done under general anaesthesia and will take about 30 minutes.

Post-operative care
Doctors suggest that the patients stay in the hospital for one night, enough time to allow the patient to feel better and start consuming food and liquids.

Post-surgery, you may experience
– Sore throat
– Sore ears
– Throat looks white in appearance

The procedure is safe and complications are very rare. Bleeding is perhaps the most serious risk post-surgery, which may require a follow-up procedure.
Eating food will help the throat to heal and reduce the pain. Drinking plenty of water and eating non-spicy food or chewing gum is often recommended by physicians.